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Dakumar BMC molding machine is the professional BMC molding machine manufacturer in China, annually Dakumar delivered more than 50 sets of BMC molding machine to all over the world. The biggest size of the BMC molding machine is 650TON clamping capacity.

Dakumar BMC molding machine has more than 15 years experience on BMC molding innovation, the BMC molding machine has the professional design on screw barrel, and also have the precision temeprature controlling system on the BMC molding machine.

Please click this link to check the further details of the BMC molding machine which are similar to the bakelite molding machine.

BMC molding machine--DAKUMAR

  • Single cylinder hydraulic auto-feed mechanism, DAKUMAR BMC molding machine can supply the function of feeding steady.
  • Newly developed DAKUMAR controller, the reaction is very fast and stable.
  • Applied to Accumulator for high-speed injection, DAKUMAR BMC molding machine can supply high-speed capacity in a very short time and proceed high-speed molding.
  • BMC Mould cavity vacuum equipment is optional, DAKUMAR BMC molding machine can make molding more precise and decreasing defective rate of the product.
  • Designing filling material stand, DAKUMAR BMC molding machine is convenient to fill material
  • The plate equipped with adiabatic spacer, DAKUMAR BMC molding machine can let the mold temperature control more precise
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